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Anbox is an emulation tool used on Linux systems. Anbox act as a layer between Android apps and the Linux system. It enables users to run and execute android applications on a Linux system. In more simple words Anbox program will allow users to run Android on Linux without the slowness of virtualization.

Mobile applications developed for Android to run on Linux. Its interface is user-friendly, a new user can easily understand it and use it.

Anbox program is available for any GNU/Linux operating system.

Anbox emulator offers the environment for installing and running Android apps.

Features of Anbox:

No limits: Anbox program is running an entire Android system, any application can run.

Secure: Anbox program places Android apps into a sealed box without direct access to hardware or user’s data.

Integrated: Tightly integrated with the host operating system to offer a full-featured set.

Convergent: Anbox software across different form factors similar to Android does. Anbox program works on a laptop and a mobile phone.





Space requirement

171 MB


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install anbox


sudo apt-get remove anbox

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