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How can I query FTP data?

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Start FileZilla

Firstly, you need to start FileZilla.

  1. Click here to open Application Menu
  2. Click Internet.
  3. Click FileZilla

Query FTP data

You have to connect your FTP server. Please see article FileZilla to connect your FTP server.

  1. Connect your ftp server.
  2. Here is ftp file directory and you can see your data.
  3. Click Server
  4. Click Search remote files to query your data.

Please see the article “Copy a file to FTP Server with FileZilla” in the RASP Library.

  1. Select search directory on your ftp
  2. You can write a word in the file. (We wrote 37)
  3. Click Search
  4. Here is the result. It found two files that includes “37”

Please see also articles in the RASP Library.