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Edit Main Menu

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Edit Main Menu

The main menu is the starting point. The primary list of options available to the user at the computer. The main menu is a launching pad for all the applications and control panels in the computer. In the “Main Menu Editor” a user can add or remove any program from main menu.

  1. Open  “Application Menu”
  2. Click   “Preferences”
  3. Click  “Main Menu Editor”

By clicking the “Main Menu Editor” icon, a window appear where user can add or remove any application. Here All the applications are available.

When user Add or Remove any application, He just select that application.

  1. Click “OK

For example: A user wants to add an application in the “Education”. He click on the “Education” option is the Left box. Then mark check on “Squeak

  1. Select the application.
  2. Mark check box.
  3. Click “OK”.

The application of Squeak is added in the menu.

  1. Open  “Application Menu
  2. Click   “Education
  3. Click  “Squeak

Different options available in the right side of Main Menu Editor window.

About their functions. When an application is selected these opition will be work.

New Menu option is used for adding new menu. New Item option is used for adding new application. Separator helps breakup section of a menu. Move Up used for moving an application upward. Move Down used for moving an application downward. Delete option is used for deleting any application. Properties option is used for checking the information of application.