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Install Samba Server

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Samba Server

Samba is a networking protocol and allows you Linux computers to integrate into Microsoft’s environment.

Install Samba Server

  1. Open terminal
  2. Run below command

sudo apt-get update

3. Run below command

sudo apt-get upgrade

4. Your Raspberry Pi operating system is up to date.

  1. Install the samba packages

sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin

2. Press Y then press enter to continue

  1. Select Yes and press enter.
  1. Create a shared directory

mkdir /home/pi/shared

  1. Open smb.conf

We use gedit to open the file. You can use another text editor.

2. Add the followings to the bottom.

   path = /home/pi/shared    
create mask=0777  
directory mask=0777    

[abiola] The text between the brackets is the point at which you will access the share. For example, ours will be at following address:

3. Save the file.
4. Close the file

  1. Create a samba user called pi

sudo smbpasswd -a pi

2. Type the password
3. Retype the password
4. Restart the samba service

sudo systemctl restart smbd

Now you can connect your shared directory from Windows PC.

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