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Handbrake – Crop video at specific time interval

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Crop Video

You need an application to edit your video and can use Handbrake tool.

See also article Handbrake to install it.

In this section the video will be cropped at specific time interval.

  1. Click here to open Application Menu.
  2. Click Sound & Video
  3. Click Handbrake to run it
  1. Click Open Source to open your video.
  2. Select your video.
  3. Click Open
  1. Here is the video duration (1 minute 39 seconds)
  2. Choose Seconds.
  3. Enter start time (We start at 10 seconds)
  4. Enter finish time (We finish at 20 seconds)
  5. Give a new name cropped video.
  6. Choose a directory to save it.
  7. Click Start

It may take some time according to your time interval.

See also articles in the RASP Library.