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For advanced users only.
Apache is the broadly used web server software. It is Developed by Apache Software Foundation. Apache HTTP is free software that is available for use. It runs widely on the webservers in the world. It is fast and reliable and also secure. It can be customized to meet the requirements of different environments by using extensions and modules. WordPress hosting providers also use Apache as their web server software. Moreover, WordPress can run on other web server software also. Its enable website owner to provide content on the web. When user wants to visit a website, User enter a domain name into the address bar of browser. Then, the web server delivers the requests of files as a virtual delivery man. Apache has other feature also, loadable dynamic modules, apache is compatible with IPv6, apache server supports HTTP/2, Perl, PHP and Lua scripts are already build, .htaccess per-directory configuration support. More features and modules can also be added in it that improve the functions. It speedily became the popular HTTP client on the web. It is flexible Web Server. Apache server is highly reliable and great performance. User can run this on any operating system.






Space requirement

10 MB


sudo apt-get install apache2


sudo apt-get remove apache2

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You have limited space on your SD card so you cannot install all programs from the RASP library.