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Course Topic Numbering and Error Message

Report of an error

Did you find a bug in an ABIOLA online Akademy course and you would like to report it?

In the medium term, we plan to provide all topics of the Academy courses with their own topic number. This brings two advantages:
a) We can answer your questions and directly and quickly point to a topic
b) It facilitates your reporting of any inconsistencies or errors found.

Numbering system

Each number consists of a three-digit course designation plus the topic number. This is how a Topic number is structured:

Course name
The Academy’s current courses carry these short titles:

ABI = ABIOLA Acdademy
PRO = Linux Programs
ROS = Raspberry Pi OS
WRI = LibreOffice Writer Basic
LIN = Linux Introduction
ELO = Electronic Basic
PCS = PC & Solar 4 Schools
BCA = Become a Cource Author
CAL = LibreOffice Calc Basic
MPY = MicroPython Basic
SOL = Solar Technology

Each topic number consists of two numbers:

1. digit = lesson
2. and more digits = Topic


PRO413 = Course PRO, Lesson 4, Topic 13
WRI27 = Course WRI, Lesson 2, Topic 7

However, there is one exception:

If a two-digit lesson is to be designated, then a period is placed after it.
Example: MPY12.7 = Course MPY, Lesson 12, Topic 7

Reporting of a found error

If you find a bug, please write an email to and name the corresponding topic as mentioned above. You will always find the course abbreviation in lesson 0 of each course. Then describe the error you found something like this:

Example of an EMail to and (German)

“I found a typo:”

Topic: PRO413
Wrong: schoool
That’s right: schools

We say thank you for your support to ensure that our courses contain few unnecessary errors.