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Calibre software is open-source suite of e-book. Calibre software supports organizing existing e-books into virtual libraries, editing, displaying, creating and converting e-books, and it also provide feature of syncing e-books with other e-readers. Calibre’s user interface is user friendly and it is designed to be simple. Calibre software is a powerful, simple and easy to use e-book manager.
Calibre is a comprehensive e-book viewer and that can display all e-book formats. Calibre has support for Table of Contents, CSS, read aloud, highlighting, bookmarks, printing, searching, copying, multi-page view, embedded fonts.
Calibre software has supports to every single e-reader, and it is also compatible with more devices. User can also transfer e-books from one device to another. It can be transfer wirelessly or with a cable.
And any additional tools are not required for this, and it also send the best file format to device and if converting is needed it will be done automatically.
Calibre software also provide some useful features these are backup and import/export.
Calibre also has editor that allow user to edit e-book in the popular e-book formats, EPUB and Kindle.





Space requirement

298 MB


sudo apt-get install calibre


sudo apt-get remove calibre

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You have limited space on your SD card so you cannot install all programs from the RASP library.