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What to consider for SD card?

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What to consider for SD card?

Since the Raspberry Pi board does not have a hard disk on which the operating system can be stored. Therefore, there are the well-known microSD cards. This is used here as a storage medium, which works like an internal PC hard drive.

Here in the picture first the basic card specifications.

  1. The microSD card has a maximum capacity of 16 Giga Byte.
  2. Class 10 the classified writing speed.
  3. App performance class there are once A1 and A2.
  4. SDHC describes the maximum storage capacity 4GB – 32GB.
  5. UHS-I The maximum writes speed 104MB/s.

For the use of a SD card in your raspberry pi you need at least a card with a capacity of 2GB. More is better of course. Inform yourself on the internet about the usability of these SD cards.