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The individual connections in detail

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The individual connections in detail

It is important during the first startup of the raspberry pi board everything is connected correctly to know the connections. Therefore, we start with the basic connections. In the picture below are all Raspberry Pi 4 connectors.

  1. USB-C socket for power supply.
  2. Micro HDMI 1 jacks for connecting two screens.
  3. Micro HDMI 2 jacks for connecting two screens.
  4. 3.5″ jack as audio and composite video output.
  5. Two slower USB 2.0 ports. These can be used for a mouse or keyboard, for example, since the speed does not matter here.
  6. The two fast USB 3.0 connections. You can recognize them by the blue color. These should be used to connect external data carriers, as they especially benefit from the high speed.
  7. Gigabit Ethernet network Port.
  8. The GPIO strip for connecting and controlling additional hardware.
  9. Slot for the micro-SD card on which the operating system is installed.

The USB-C socket is not to use for data transfer.