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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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How to create your own RASP items

This article shows you how to write articles for the RASP database yourself. You will enter your articles in WordPress with the Gutenberg Editor. It’s not very complicated, but you have to consider some important criteria. Please read exactly the warnings (red boxes).

Our recommendation – Script

You can enter your article directly spontaneously with the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress. However, this has the disadvantage that you also have to edit the screenshots and their caption sit out during the editing process.

For medium or longer articles, it may be beneficial to schedule the item only in normal word processing. This article was also first scheduled in Word. Similar to a screenplay in a movie. If you plan this in peace, typing the article in WordPress is much easier to execute in . Here you can see the “script” for this article. Don’t get confused by the characters like /he. You will soon understand it.


Here’s how to log in for the first time:

With this access, many authors can test how to write an article. Don’t be bothered if you’re not the only author with this WordPress access. If you write more RASP articles for us in the future, you will get your own WP user access. That’s what your screen should look like now.

Your first article

  1. Click here to create an article
  1. Write your title here
  2. And here, e.B. a normal text

The blocks released by ABIOLA

Warning 1!
When you use a reusable block, you always have to convert it into a regular block first. Otherwise you change the name of the block and that would lead to difficulties. We therefore write the word “convert” in each reusable block. It’s to remind you that you have to convert first. After that, you can mark and overwrite the word “convert”.

Warning 2!
Make sure your texts don’t include a line break!! (no returns!!). This would not work with the blogs /re, /bl etc. If you’re working with script, you can have the paragraph marks drawn.

At the time of writing, the following blocks are released:
/he Head. Mark the brown headline and write down your title.
this heading will also appear later in the overview at the right edge
/bl Blue. For a note with a blue background (color: #F8DFE5)
/re Red. For a warning with a red background (color: #D9EAF5)
/gr Grey. A program code with a gray background (color: #EOE1E2) /li List.
/nl number list. This creates a list of numbers
/pl point list. This creates a list of points

The use of ABIOLA blocks

First, let’s create a heading:

  1. Enter /he
  2. Then select
  1. Mark the brown heading and then write your text

In WordPress, a RETURN always leads to a new block. If you want to switch to a new row, use SHIFT+STGR+RETURN

How to change a reusable block to a normal block (picture below)

Now you can test the different reusable blocks.

  1. /he for heading
  2. /re for alerts
  3. /bl for hints
  4. /gr for code
  5. /nl for z.B. Comment on the picture above
  6. Save items
  7. Preview of the article

There are two ways to introduce an image/screenshot
1. Insert image via block /image for image
2. Load the image via copy/paste. Here you just have to put the image on the clipboard and insert it as a block.

Caption of images/screenshots

You may have noticed that the screenshots above used markers that have a duplicate statement
a) The symbol points in one direction to a target
b) Each symbol is numbered so you can call yourself better later

All images/screenshots in RASP articles should be labeled similarly. We’ve found an easy way to mark your screenshots correctly. We have written our own article for this purpose

Here is the article“Marking pictures/screenshots”

You can drag an image/screenshot from your Explorer WordPress later. If you’re working with a script, all you need to do is mark and copy the image in your documentary and paste it into WordPress as a blog. So you can easily take everything from your script. This long article was also created in this way.

Handover of your item

You can’t publish the article yourself, but you can save the article and prepare it for sharing.

  1. This article has already been published. No more change
  2. This article from you can still be changed

You can view your article at any time. First click on “Save” in the upper right corner and then on “Preview”

If you want to avoid a lot of trouble, then consider two things for everything:
1. Convert all reusable blocks first!
2. Do not insert any text with a line break! (you can do this yourself in the blog)

Finally, we would like to show you a simple example of an ABIOLA RASP article. Here >>

It all seems complicated to you now. But it is not!
After a short time you can create your own articles. However, we recommend that you take your screenshots with the caption beforehand. Then the actual article is written quickly. For longer articles, a “script” has a clear advantage. Good luck.