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PuTTY Session

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Open PuTTY

To transfer file or access remote PC, you have to run PuTTY. Please follow instructions to run PuTTY.

  1. Click here to open Applications Menu
  2. Click Internet
  3. Click PuTTY SSH Client to run it

You can start PuTTY from terminal. Open terminal and run below command. putty

PuTTY Configuration

You will see the PuTTY interface after run it and you can make some modifications to access remote Raspberry Pi or PC.

  1. Here is PuTTY interface.
  2. Click SSH option.
  3. Type your remote Raspberry Pi IP address.
  4. Click Open to access remote Raspberry Pi.
  1. Accept the PuTTY Security Alert.
  2. Here is the PuTTY terminal.
  1. Type your remote Raspberry Pi or PC username.
  2. Type password.
  3. You are connected to remote Raspberry Pi.

You can transfer your file from remote Raspberry Pi to local Raspberry Pi with scp. Please see also articles in the RASP Library about scp.

Save your Session

You can save your connection from PuTTY interface. You can save more than one session and connect them easily.

  1. Click SSH
  2. Enter IP Address
  3. Type the name of your session
  4. Click Save
  5. To open desired session, double click on it.

Please see also article in the RASP Library about PuTTY.