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LibreOffice Draw

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LibreOffice Draw

Draw is a vector drawing tool that can produce everything from simple diagrams or flowcharts to 3D art-work. With the help of this application user can easily build up a report, presentation, or any type of document with vector graphics.

  1. Open  “Application Menu”
  2. Click   “Office”
  3. Click  “LibreOffice Draw”

After clicking the LibreOffice Draw icon, window will appear.

When user want to create new file.

  1. Click “File

In the New option user can create different files.

  1. Click “New

When user want to open previous file.

  1. Click “File
  1. Click “Open

Clicking the Open option, a window appear.

  1. Select File.
  2. Click “Open

When user wants to Save the file.

  1. Click “File
  1. Click “Save

    Shortcut key for Saving Document is Control+S