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VLC Media Player

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VLC is a free platform that plays most multimedia files and DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs. VLC contain a large number decoding and encoding libraries that are free on the Operating System Windows. This much reduces the need of finding proprietary plugins.VLC can play incomplete video files, and damaged video before the files have been completely downloaded. VLC can also plays m2ts MPEG transport streams. VLC can play .iso files. User can also play files on a disk image.VLC plays all audio and video formats and all file formats. In the VLC user can also easily rotate the video screen.VLC can also displaying video as the desktop wallpaper. User can also run the VLC directly from an external drive.User can play internet radios and podcasts easily.
VLC also have a feature, User can easily convert DVDs and transcode videos into other formats. In the desktop version of VLC media player has filters that can distort, rotate, split, and mirror videos. User can also add subtitles of video into different languages.






Space requirement

87 MB


sudo apt-get install vlc


sudo apt autoremove vlc

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