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GIMP is a cross-platform open-source picture editing alternative that provides a large selection of tools that would usually be found in commercial programs of this type.

It is a robust piece of software with abilities not found in any other free software product. It can be utilized as a simple paint application, an expert-quality photo-retouching application, an online batch-processing system, a mass production picture renderer, or a picture format converter.

GIMP for Mac can run with almost every popular image formats, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, MNG, PNG, PCX, PSD, PS, TIFF, PDF, TGA, SVG, and XPM. Its divided interface can be especially useful, since it allows you to change the design of the windows at all times, adapting them to your needs. You can also use the primary system, comparable to that of Adobe.

GIMP emphasizes high-quality picture manipulation tools such as deformity correction and channel mixing. It arrives with layer support as well as specific channel adjustments, conversion tools that empower users to scale, rotate, and flip, selection tools, and many more.

It also permits the production of digital art by presenting a collection of composition tools, such as pencil, airbrush, and more. Custom brushes can also be applied.





Space requirement

1,05 MB


sudo apt-get install gimp


sudo apt-get remove gimp

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