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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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LibreCAD is a free CAD application for Linux and other operating systems. LibreCAD enables user to create detailed 2D CAD blueprints. LibreCAD is a completely featured design toolkit that generates in depth projects and helps user to add layers to modify work and exact specifications. Various businesses and other including organization architecture, manufacturing IT and engineering use this program.
LibreCAD comes with features that can make lines, polylines, mirroring, and much more. LibreCAD can supports various file formats for a more unified workflow.
User can also import AutoCAD and QCAD files into the system to continue working on projects that user had previously started.
LibreCAD allows users to modify the backend coding with GPLv2 support, and also affording user total system customization capability.
User can also add multiple layers to their projects and make changes without changing the whole project.

that program also give multiple print options to users. LibreCAD has a ser friendly interface like custom toolbars and menus, movable widgets.
LibreCAD also have global community where user can get expert support for free
It is also available in multiple languages.






Space requirement

128 MB


sudo apt install librecad


sudo apt-get remove librecad

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