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How to require user login at boot

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By default, Raspberry Pi will boot up directly to Desktop. This is not really a safe feature. It’s better to require for a username and password.

Step 1

Please note that Raspberry Pi OS is changing constantly and by the time you are reading this instruction your menu could be visually different. Don’t worry the functionality is pretty much the same.

Open a terminal and type:

sudo raspi-config

If not changed, the default user name is „pi“ and default password is „raspberry“

Step 2

A menu should appear in the terminal.
Select 1. System options and hit Enter

  1. System Options menu

Step 3

Now select S5 Boot / Auto login and hit Enter

  1. Boot / Auto login menu options

Step 4

Now select B3 Desktop and hit enter.

  1. Desktop option

And after reboot, your Raspberry will require you to login with user name and password.