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Meld is a free and open-source tool. Meld is a graphical diff viewer and merges tool. This tool is helpful for developers. Its main objective is to find differences in text, detect changes. It enables users to comparison between two or three files or directories visually, color-coding the different lines, and also enables users to move content between them or edit the files.

Meld program is helpful for developers to compare and merge source files.

Its interface is simple and user-friendly. Meld is available for Linux.

Features include:

  • Dynamically updating comparisons
  • Support for many version control systems
  • Easily navigate between differences and conflicts.
  • Built-in regex text filtering
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Comparisons of conflicting files or differing files.
  • Filter out files or directories differences.
  • Simple file management is also available.
  • Supports many version control systems, such as Mercurial, Bazaar, and SVN.
  • File comparisons
  • View file versioning statuses.
  • Automatically merge two files by using a common ancestor.
  • Visualize and merge independent modifications
  • Visualizations make it easier to compare





Space requirement

11 MB


sudo apt-get install meld


sudo apt-get remove meld

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