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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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Image caption/Screenshots


We’ve found a solution to easily create your images/hardcopies using the characters shared in RASP. Your hardware doesn’t matter. Whether you’re using Windows, Mac or a Raspberry. We therefore recommend an online image editor.

As described in the last article, we want these characters to be used in all RASP articles.

We are happy to summarize the two advantages once again:
They have an arrow effect and they are numbered so you can comment on them easily later

Please first download the 18 markers and put them in a folder where you can easily find them later.

An example

Let’s start with a few characters to add a few characters to a graphic. First, take a screenshot with your corresponding program. As an author you have certainly already found a suitable program. Z.B. so:

Insert your markers

Our cool online program is called PIXL. You can find it under

  1. Click on PIXLR E
  2. Then drag your hardcopy directly from your explorer into the screen somewhere
    (you can also load the image from the menu on the left – Open image)
  3. The program PIXL is available in many languages

Here’s what your screen might look like now:

Now drag a character from your explorer into the image above.

There is now this box:

  1. Choose Add current
  1. Your character is available here. You can now move it freely on the screen and then place it.

So you can now place all your markers.

Storage / Handover

  1. Then you save your image

Tip 1:
If you’re working with a script, you can only copy/paste your screenshot directly into your document. In this case, you don’t have to copy the image at all, because you can also transfer it later via the clipboard in WordPress.

Tip 2:
Of course, your characters can also be placed directly on your screenshots in your script. For example, it’s very easy to do with Word. However, you must give your character the layout “before the text”. See picture below.

By the way: This article was also written about a script.
Take a look at it. Here >>