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How to list files?

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List Files

You can list files in any directories with ls command. ls is the one of the basic command and very usefull.

1) Run ls command


2) Here is the files in current directory

ls command with parameter -l

If you want to get more detail information about the folders/files which will be listed, you should use -l parameter.

1) Run ls -l command

ls -l

2) These are the permission about the related file.

3) User name

4) The size of folder

5) The last modification date

List hidden files

You can use -al parameter to list hidden files.

1) Run ls -al command

ls -al

2) You can see the hidden file from the list.

Sort the listed files

The files can be listed according to their modification time. To do this, -lt command can be used.

1) Run ls -lt command

ls -lt

2) As you can see the dates, files are listed according to modification date.

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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