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How to connect WiFi

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Connect WiFi

You need to connect WiFi when you new set up your Raspberry Pi. It is necessary to install software packages, update your operating system, connect to internet etc.. You will learn how to connect WiFi with your Raspberry Pi. Please follow below instructions.

1) This icon means that WiFi is off or you are not connect to any WiFi. Right Click on this icon.

2) Click Turn on Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi is on after click “Turn on Wi-Fi” option and you can connect a network.

1) Right click on the icon

2) Choose your network name from the list.

You can learn network name from your WiFi modem

1) Type your network password.

2) You can hide or show your password.

3) Click Ok

1) This icon means that your WiFi is on and your are connected to the network.