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How can I set up my own WLAN with a cell phone?

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Set up WLAN with a cell phone

You can connect Internet with your Raspberry over WLAN which is set up with cell phone. Please follow below instruction to set up WLAN.

  1. Open Settings on your Smartphone and click Network & Internet
  1. Click Hotspot & tethering

Some smartphones may have different menu names.

  1. Click Set up WLAN hotspot
  1. Enter your network name.
  2. Choose security as WPA2 PSK
  3. Enter a password.
  4. Select an AP Band as 2.4 GHz Band
  5. Click Save.

Activate WLAN

WLAN is set up at previous section. Now you need to activate it to use it.

  1. Click WLAN hotspot to activate it.

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