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Copy operations

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Copy the contents of file

You can copy the file with cp command. cp copies the content of the file to another file.

1) The file that will be copied the content of

2) Run below command to copy to another file

cp abiola.txt new.txt

3) Here is the new file

cp file1 file2

file1 = abiola.txt
file2 = new.txt

Copy the directory

r parameter need to be used to copy a directory to new directory. Please check below screenshot.

1) The directory that we want to copy to another directory.

2) Run below command to copy it recursively.

cp -r Abiola/ /home/pi/Documents/

cp -r dir1 dir2

dir1 = Abiola/
dir2 = /home/pi/Documents/

Copy a file to directory

You need to type a directory to copy the file to the directory.

1) The file that will be copied

2) Run below command.

cp abiola.txt /home/pi/Documents/

cp file dir

file = abiola.txt
dir = /home/pi/Documents/

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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