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Translate web pages into other languages

Install AddOn

With a translation tool (AddOn) for your browser you can translate all web pages into any language. So you can also edit all ABIOLA online Academy courses from the English site in any language.

It is best to use English as the source language, as this language has been tested the most.

In our example, we will show you how to get all English pages translated into French using the Firefox browser .

There are a lot of Translator AddOns for all browsers. We have successfully tested the add-on “TWP” for Firefox.

  1. Click on the three dashes
  2. Then choose Add-on

  1. Search for “TWP
  2. Here it was found
  3. Click on “Add to Firefox

  1. Click on “Add

Set language

  1. Here the AddOn was installed
  2. Click “Always translate from english
  3. Here you have to set the correct language (in the example french was used)
  4. Then click on “Translate

Use automatic translation

Now the whole content of the course is displayed in French

Theoretically, you can study the courses in all available languages for free. However, probably not all language translations have the same quality.