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Recording your Desktop

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SimpleScreenRecorder is the one of the simplest screen recorder. You can record your screen and save your video in different format. It is a free software and open source.

Install SimpleScreenRecorder

To install it please follow below instructions.

1) Update your packages

sudo apt-get update

2) Install SimpleScreenRecorder

sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

Run ScreenSimpleRecorder

After install it, you can run it and record your screen.

1) Click here to open Application Menu

2) Click Sound & Video

3) Click SimpleScreenRecorder

1) You can get more information about SimpleScreenRecorder

2) Click Continue

1) Choose your screen size

2) You can set your Frame Rate

3) Click Continue

We use default options to record screen

1) Select your directory to save the recorded video

2) Select the video format

3) Click Continue

1) It is SimpleScreenRecorder icon and it means that it is not recording

2) Click Start recording

It records your screen after click the Start recording

1) It is recording

2) You can Pause the recording

3) It is the total time

4) Click Save recording to save your record