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Create custom presentation with Pi Presents

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The working principle of Pi Presents

Pi presents controls the presentations via configuration files in plain text format. These can be edited with any text editor, such as Leafpad. Pi Presents also comes with a convenient editor that does nothing but edit these configuration files under a clear interface. This way you don’t need to remember the names of the individual parameters. You can edit existing presentations and create new one with this editor.

Run Pi Present Editor

You must download Pi Present to run it. Please refer to our article to download it and prepare your workspace. Article Name: Use Pi Presents for Presentation

  1. Open the pipresent directory with File Manager.
  2. Double click Pi Presents Editor.
  3. Click Execute

Select the profile

  1. Click the Profile tab
  2. Click Open

Now, you can select a profile form the list.

  1. Select a profile (pp_mediashow_1p3 is selected)
  2. Click Ok.

Pi Present Editor GUI

  1. The Shows window shows the available Shows in the selected profile.
  2. The Medialist window shows the media lists of this profile.
  3. Tracks in Selected Medialist shows the tracks of the media list selected in the Medialists window.
  4. Here you can edit all parameters.

For more information, please visit below website: