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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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Copy memory card from image file

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Format your SD Card

You must format your SD Card before setup the new OS. Please download SD Card Formatter below link:

Setup SD Card Formatter after download it and launch it.

  1. Select your SD Card
  2. Click “Quick Format”
  3. Click “Format” button

You will lose all data in your SD Card after format it.

Download OS Image

Please download the “Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software” image below link.

After download the image, please extract it.

Download USB Image Tool

Please download USB Image Tool below link to write OS in to SD Card

After download the tool, please extract it.

Install your image into SD Card

  1. Double click “USB Image Tool” to run it.
  1. Choose your SD Card under Device Mode option
  2. Click “Restore” to select Raspberry Pi image
  1. Choose your image
  2. Click “Open” then click “Yes button to write the image into SD Card”

Take the SD Card from your PC and put it into Raspberry Pi.