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Simplenote is an application that is using for making notes. It enables user to list down the ideas and keeping notes and also write important things. It is supported by Linux many other operating systems. It synchronizes user’s data across all devices and also data remains updated. Simplenote has a user friendly interface. In simplenote users are able to finds their notes through searching and simple tags. Good feature of simplenote is administrators and managers are able to work together with other employees through simpenote by posting policies and other information and instructions of organization.
In simplenote users can share their notes and also publish it. Users can easily access their previous notes by going through “go back in time” and find there long stored notes. Simplenote is a very simple and most convenient application for notes taking and it comes with backup for searched notes and stored, also allows syncing with other devices. All this is fully free. User can also use simplenote offline and when user come online their changes will be applied for saving and syncing. For this reason, Recommended that user use simplenote when have internet access. It is a verry good free note taking application.






Space requirement

330 MB


sudo apt install ./Simplenote-linux-2.3.0-amd64.deb


sudo apt remove –autoremove simplenote

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