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Cool Shortcut – How Do I Copy Commands to Terminal Window?

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Important shortcuts

Imagine that you are working on a course from the ABIOLA online Academy or an article from RASP with your Raspberry Pi and you find a command that you want to try out quickly. Then you want to continue working normally in the same place. We’ll show you a quick variant:

We test that with the following command:

1. Click at the end of the command


(Hold down the SHIFT and CTRL keys and then press the HOME key).

  1. This marked the entire line and the cursor is positioned on the left.


Now you copy the highlighted into your clipboard


This will open the terminal window.

CTRL SHIFT + insert

(Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and press V). This copies the content from the clipboard.

Usually you use CTRL + V to paste the contents of the clipboard. With the Raspberry you also have to hold down the SHIFT key.


You can test the command in peace

CTRL + d

This will delete the terminal window and you can continue to work in RASP or in your course. You can also type “exit” in your terminal window. That also closes the terminal window.

If you don’t want to close your terminal window because you might need it again later, press the combination ALT + TAB. If you press that again later, you will be back in the terminal.