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Show a snapshot of active processes

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What is a process?

A process is the execution of a program. Each Linux processes have a unique PID (Process Identification Number)

List running processes

The ps (process statuses) command shows the snapshot of running processes.

1) Run the ps command.


2) PID: Process Identification Number

3) TTY: Terminal name

4) TIME: Running time

5) CMD: the name of the command that launches the process

More information about running processes

You can use ps aux to get more in-depth information about your running processes.

1) Run below command.

ps aux

a: option outputs all running processes of all users in the system
u: option provides additional information like memory and CPU usage percentage, the process state code, and the owner of the processes.
x: option lists all processes not executed from the terminal.

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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