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Create a new user account

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What is the name of default user account?

The name of default user account is pi. It means that pi user account is created when you install an OS into Raspberry Pi. You should create some new accounts, if Raspberry Pi is used by different users.

Create a new user

You can create a new user with adduser command. Let’s see how you can add a new user called abiola.

  1. Open terminal and run below command to add new user called abiola
  2. Enter new password for new user
  3. Retype new password
  4. You can type extra information about the new user but this section is not necessary.
  5. Press y then press enter, if your information typed is correct.

sudo adduser abiola

NOTE: You can control the new user refer to below screenshot.

  1. Open File Manager
  2. Click the home directory
  3. abiola is created as a new user.
  4. pi is default user.

Delete a user

You can delete a user with command userdel.

  1. Run below command to delete a user

sudo userdel -r abiola

User “abiola” is removed after above command.

WARNING! You will lose the all information the user has.