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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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Become a RASP author

RASP Author – Join us!

You are a Raspberry/Linux specialist and would like to write your own articles/articles for the ABIOLA RASP database?
Class, we are happy and assume that
have already read our articlePresentationABIOLA RASP“.

1. ABIOLA RASP Database

Please first get an overview of the current status of the ABIOLA RASP database. The database is almost empty at the start (beginning of March 2021). However, the 3 main categories (Organisation, Basic and Advantec) as well as the first 16 sub-categories have already been created. Please click through them once. These categories can also be extended at any time. We call the creators of RASP articles “editors”. We wrote these two articles for you editors.

ORGANISATION – > about RASP – > Presentation RASP
ORGANISATION – > become a RASP Editor – > Create a new article

The database is built with Echo Knowledge Base, which later provides an indexed search of all articles. All articles are provided by WPML in German, English and French.


2. Your article – Your knowledge for Africa – your fee

Basically, we want to pay a fee for your items, although this may not be too high as we are a non-profit organization (NGO). If we have met through an intermediary portal, we would like to process the fee via this portal. Please ask us for the conditions for the fee.

Your expertise, which you provide in your article, will later serve students and people in Africa in order to be able to assert themselves actively in modern working life later on. Although you receive a fee from us for your items, we also consider your work to be a generous “donation” of your expertise to people in Africa and the work of ABIOLA.


3. How do you create a RASP item ?

You can use the Block Editor, also called Gutenberg Editor, to make the article directly in WordPress. We’ll set up your own access later so you can manage your items yourself. Within an article, please use the few blocks shared and set up by ABIOLA. With a little practice, you can create an article very quickly. More details can be found in the article “How to create your own RASP articles

4. The ABIOLA RASP database as an advertisement for you

We intend to use the same structure for each item. We can name you as the author and your contact details, but only if you want to. Maybe one day this will result in a new business relationship for you. Maybe a reader likes an article from you and then he searches specifically for more articles from you.


5. Note your items

1. Use only the grey background of ABIOLA on Raspberry
— > here
2. Use Raspberry Pi’s English menu navigation
(the screenshot itself is not translated)
3. Use similar arrows with numbers in red as in the examples below.
4. Please comment on your screenshots as in the examples below
5. Your articles (tips) don’t have to be long and not complicated.
6. Always try to give the reader interesting tips.


6. How to offer your items and realize them later

Here are some examples of simple BASIC articles:

Example 1: The official Raspberry PI guide for beginners?
Example 2: The Raspberry PI main menu
Example 3: How do I set my own background?
Example 4: Control your Raspberry from your Windows PC
Example 5:
Save the CPU temperature to a file

All examples are available in german and English. To switch, click on the button of the respective national flag above.


7. The start of our partnership

So you can start your work with us. First, think about 5 cool tips for Raspberry, about which you would like to write an article. For the beginning best normal topics in the BASIC area. such as.

1. BASIC – > yx 1
2. BASIC – > xy 2
3. BASIC – > xy 3
4. BASIC – > xy 4
5. BASIC – > xy 5

Then you offer these 5 articles about the platform we got to know each other about. If your offer is okay for us, then we release the order. If this test order went well, then you can offer us the next order. Then there could be 10, 50 or more items from you.



Please keep in mind that we don’t have much expertise on Raspberry/Linux from the ABIOLA team. That’s why it’s good to help you think out new cool items yourself.

We are interested in many articles. Soon the first 300 cool articles by 25 different editors will be in our database.

Thank you very much. Your ABIOLA team and Christoph.