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File transfer with the Total Commander

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Total Commander

The Total Commander can be used to transfer data with the Raspberry Pi. You can download it below link according to your windows operating system.

Setup Total Commander

  1. Double click the file that you downloaded.

Click next,next,next to install it.

Download SFTP plugin

You need to download SFTP plugin, so go to below link and download SFTP.

You can find it by using Ctrl + F

Create a new connection

  1. Go to directory and double click.
  2. Click Yes
  1. Click here
  2. Click Network Neigborhood
  1. Double click Secure FTP
  1. Here you can find more information about it. Press F7 on keyboard.
  2. Give a name your connection
  3. Click OK
  1. Enter your Raspberry Pi IP address
  2. Enter username of Raspberry Pi
  3. Enter password of Raspberry Pi
  4. Click OK

Click raspi and open your Raspberry Pi directories over Total Commander

See also Total Commander in the RASP library