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Windows Raspberry Control

It is possible to control your Raspberry directly from a Windows computer. However, both PCs must be logged on to the same Wi-Fi network. Here’s an example of how to do this with Windows 10.

Query IP address from Raspberry

1 ) First, start the terminal window
2) Then enter this command “ip addr”
3 ) Under the number 3 you will find the address under “inet”. In the example of the picture this “ (red line)

ip adrr

Connecting remotely

1) now click the WINDOWS button or search on your Windows computer
2) Give a “Remote”
3) Click on Remote Desktop..

1) Enter the IP address here
2) Click on Connect


  1. Log in as usual

Also use your password from Raspberry

  1. The blue icon shows you that you are now driving your Raspberry with your Windows PC.

Attention: If you delete something here, you’ll really delete it on your Raspberry!

You can use Copy/Paste between your Windows and remotely controlled Raspberry PC.
Windows: mark, right mouse button – > copy
Raspberry: Explorer, Select folder, right mouse button – > insert