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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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Save CPU temperature to file


In order for the CPU to be automatically saved to a file, this code must be entered into the terminal.

while endless=0; do echo “Clock: `date +%T` Temperature: `vcgencmd measure_temp`“; sleep 5; done >> temperature.txt

Copy the code at the top of your clipboard (right button)

  1. Start your terminal
  2. Click on the cursor

  1. With Raspberry, you can’t use CTRL-V. Click on the right mouse button and then select “insert”

  1. Then press the RET button.

Reading temparature

  1. The text file was placed in the folder “pi”
  2. Click on this file now
  1. Start your Explorer now
  2. Then select the folder “pi”
  3. Then select the file “temperature.txt”
  4. How it is now displayed

Now you can read out your temperature and do your experiments.

With the ABIOLA Raspberry 4B, the temperature can be precisely limited. The system has active and passive cooling.