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Change the directory with command

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cd command

Directory can be change on the terminal with cd command and you can work on your new directory. Please follow the below steps.

1) We want to go Desktop, to do this run below command.

cd Desktop/

2) New directory is Desktop and you can work on Desktop.

cd command can be used below notation:
cd dir

For our example;
dir = Desktop/

Return home directory

You can easily return your home directory with cd command without parameter.

1) Go to any directories. (We go /home/pi/ftp/files/Abiola-Images/)

cd /home/pi/ftp/files/Abiola-Images/

2) New directory is /home/pi/ftp/files/Abiola-Images/

3) To return your home directory, run only cd command


4) Here is the home directory.

Return the last directory

To return the last directory, you can use the parameter.

1) Go to a directory

cd /home/pi/ftp/files/Abiola-Images/

2) Go to your home directory with cd


3) You are in the home directory.

4) Run cd – command to return your last directory.

cd –

5) You are in the last directory using one command

Go to upper directory

You can go to upper directory without typing whole directory paths and save your time. To do this, use .. parameter.

1) Run below command. (Current directory : /ftp/files/Abiola-Images/)

cd ..

2) New directory after below command : /ftp/files

3) Run again cd ..

4) New directory : /ftp

Thanks to the cd command and its parameter, the user can change the current directory easily.

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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