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Find a specific file by using File Manager

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Open “search file” option

You can find your files, when you forget the directory you saved. There is an option to find a file in File Manager.

  1. Open “Application Menu”
  2. Click “Accessories”
  3. Click “File Manager”
  1. Click “Tools”
  2. Click “Find Files”

Now you can find your files with File Manager.

Find the File

  1. Type the file name in “File Name Patterns”
  2. Add places to search
  3. Click “Find”

You should write your file name between * *, and it finds all files that contains the name you typed. Example
You typed *abiola* and it finds all files that contains the word abiola.

File Manager can work slowly, when you search a file under huge directories. In this case, you should use terminal to find your files.