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Claws Mail

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Claws Mail software is an email client. Claws Mail is a free and open-source software user can easily download it.
Claws Mail gives user a unified space to easily access all emails from all user’s accounts.
User is able to send and receive emails from multiple accounts without logging in to each one separately.
Claws Mail is a powerful free email client for Linux operating systems. It is very powerful and flexible.
Claws Mail’s interface are designed to be familiar to new users that come from other popular email clients.
Claws Mail organize emails effectively, When a user receive allots of emails on daily basis.
User can easily add many custom filters to inbox, like sorting emails according to sender and also even content. In this sense user is not limited to the Spam, Draft, and Trash folders.
Claws Mail is reliable its software is constantly updated.

Some Key Features of Claws Mail:
• Open-Source-Based
• Filtering Capabilities
• Reliability & Updates
• Plugins
• Completely Free





Space requirement

115 MB


sudo apt-get install claws-mail


sudo apt-get remove claws-mail

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