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KeePass 2

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KeePass is a free password manager application. It is open source so user can take a look at its source code and check the security features are implemented correctly. User can, if user want, use any other encryption algorithm. Which helps users to manage their passwords in a secure way. User can store all their passwords in one database and it is locked with a master key. So user need to remember only single master key to unlock the whole database. Database files are encrypted by using the best secure encryption algorithms. The complete database is encrypted.
KeePass uses the CSV export format of passwords safes like other application, Password Keeper, Password Agent. And user also exports from these softwares can be easily imported to KeePass.
A user can easily transfer the file from one computer to other because password database consists of only one file. Its support of password groups user can easily create, delete groups and modify in which passwords can be sorted into.






Space requirement

45 MB


sudo apt-get install keepass2


sudo apt remove keepass2

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