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Flareget is a download manager tool that is used to downloads files from the internet. Users can download different types of files from the internet with the help of the Flareget download manager.

Flareget provides a fast downloading speed. It is free software that user can easily use it, and it is also a full-featured tool. Flareget download manager software is integrating into most web browsers. A good feature of Flareget is to recognize the link user open with the browser and it copy that link of the file to download it from its interface. Flareget is available for Linux and many other operating systems. Its interface is simple and user-friendly.

Features of Flareget:

  • Fast Downloads
  • Enhanced Browser Integration
  • Intelligent File Management
  • Resume Support
  • Can limit the number of downloads
  • Smart scheduler
  • Dynamic File Segmentation
  • Batch downloads support
  • Speed Limits
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Add or Remove Segments
  • Youtube Grabber
  • Mirror Support
  • Multi-Protocol Support





Space requirement

38 MB


1 Step

wget -O flareget-32.deb

2 Step

sudo dpkg -i flareget-32.deb

3 Step

sudo apt-get -f install


sudo apt-get remove flareget

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