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Create new panel

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What is the Panel?

The Panel on Raspberry Pi is a kind of “panel” where is located default at the top of the desktop. The user can add new items to the panel to use desktop more efficient.

There are 9 items on this panel in screenshot. You can run these items from panel.

  1. Application Menu
  2. Web Browser
  3. File Manager
  4. Terminal
  5. VNC Server
  6. Bluetooth
  7. Wi-Fi
  8. Volume Control
  9. Date Time

Add a new Panel

Please follow below steps to create new panel:

  1. Right click on the Panel
  2. Click “Create New Panel”

Panel Preferences

You can set custom preferences for the new panel.

  1. In Position section, you can set your panel location.
  2. Alignment can be set in Alignment section.
  3. Panel height, panel width and icon size can be set in Size section.

NOTE: You can add new items into your new panel and organizing your panel in panel preferences.