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OpenShot is free video editor for Linux, and other operating systems. User can easily download from its website and it is free of cost.
Using OpenShot is very easy. In OpenShot user can create impressive videos, films, and animations with an user friendly interface and it contain well set of features.
User can easily perform different functions like, cutting, snapping, rotation, scaling, trimming and resizing.
It has drag and drop support function.
In OpenShot user can take advantages of various features
Like Video transitions, Compositing, image overlays, remove the background from the video, watermarks, Title templates, title creation, sub-titles, adjust brightness
2D animation support, 3D animated titles, Audio mixing, invert the colors and much more.
In openshot user can easily adjust the speed of video like, slowing down, reversing, and speeding up video.
Adding titles to in the video is very easy, user can use different templates. OpenShot can read and write many formats of video and image. OpenShot have more than 20 animations, and lets user adjust sizes, colors, text, length, and many render properties. OpenShot have the impressive key frame animation framework, and it is capable of great number of key frames and animation possibilities.
OpenShot software is available in different languages.






Space requirement

796 MB


sudo apt install openshot-qt


sudo apt-get purge –auto-remove openshot

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