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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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LibreOffice dokumentation

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Via LibreOffice

LibreOffice is the commercial package for use on a Raspberry Pi system. It consists of many different powerful programs. The individual programs are comparable to the programs from the Microsoft Office package. The main difference is that the LibreOffice package is free.

The fast process speed of the Raspberry PC and the powerful LibreOffice package make the ABIOLA RASP system a complete commercial computer that is ideal for Africa. Raspberry can thus be used in most areas of application.

There is still another reason to be happy to work with Raspberry and Libre Office.

A very extensive documentation can be found directly on the Libre Office Organization website. This is also free and available in many different languages. Here is an overview of the most important programs

LibreOffice Writer
This program is comparable to Microsoft Word and offers all functions that can be expected from a modern word processor.

LibreOffice Calc
This program is comparable to Microsoft Excel and is similarly able to process complex data.

LibreOffice Math
This program is the formula editor of the LibreOffice package.

LibreOffice Impress
This program makes for excellent presentations and is comparison with Microsoft Powerpoint

LibreOffice Base
This program enables the work with databases, as it is comparatively possible with Microsoft Access.

Access to the documentation

If you have internet access, all documentation available can be found on the LibreOffice website

  1. Web Browser
  3. Documentation in English
  4. Documentation in French

You can also search for “LibreOffice documentation”

LibreOffice main page

We recommend visiting the LibreOffice website as well.

  1. Start URL

ABIOLA plans to load some of the manuals onto the SD card of the RASP PC’s so that the students and teachers in Africa can learn this valuable LibreOffice programs even without the Internet.