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Using the File Manager

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File Manager

The File Manager is Raspbian’s application for accessing and managing the files which is comprised of directories (folders) and files. Click on the file manger icon in the taskbar.

  1. Click File Manager Icon
  1. Open  “Application Menu”
  2. Click   “Accessories”
  3. Click  “File Manager”

When File Manager Open.

When user wants to create New Folder. Right click on screen.

  1. Click “New Folder

    Shift+Control+N This shortcut key use to create New Folder.

When user click on New Folder option. A window appear, where user give the name to New Folder.

  1. Write the name of “New Folder”.
  2. Click “OK

User can also create new folder by clicking the option in the menu.

  1. Click “New Folder” icon

When user can check the properties of folder. User select that particular Folder and right click on it.

  1. Click “Properties

User can view the properties of folder.

User can Zoon In and Zoon Out the icons on screen.

  1. Click on “View”.
  2. Click on “Zoon In” or “Zoom Out”.

     Shortcut Key for Zoom In  Control++ , For Zoom Out  Control+-