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SD Card Copier – Copy your image

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SD Card Copier

SD Card Copier is an application that is used to copy Raspbian from one card to another, and the users can back up existing Raspberry Pi image.

Please see also SD Card Copier article in the RASP Library to install it and get more information.

Backup or Copy your image

Please follow below step to learn how to use Sd Card Copier.

1) Click here to open Applications Menu

2) Click Accessories

3) Click SD Card Copier to run

1) Choose your SD Card in Raspberry Pi

2) Choose “Copy to Device”

3) Click Start

1) This is a warning message. Click Yes.

You will lost all content on the device.

Remember: The target SD card must not be smaller than the source (here 32 GB).

The process will start and please be patient. It can take a few minutes.

Please see also articles in the RASP Library.