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Change Appearance Settings

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Appearance Settings

Tochange the background or to change the wallpaper of the Raspberry Pi. ByRight click on the desktop.

  1. Click on Desktop preferences option.

When user click on the Desktop Preference A window appear.

  1. Open  “Application Menu”
  2. Click   “Preferences”
  3. Click  “Appearance Settings

Desktop Settings

If user want to set the background wallpaper layout setting.

  1. Click on the Desktop option.
  2. Click on the Layout option.

When user click on the Layout option, list of different layout open here user can select.

  1. User can select any of the layout from the list.
  2. Click on the OK button.

If user wants to change background wallpaper.

  1. Click on the Desktop option.
  2. Click on the Picture option.
  3. Select wallpaper, click OK button.

When user click on the Picture option. A window appear.

  1. Select the wallpaper.
  2. Click on the open button.

Options available in the bottom of the appearance setting window are use for the programs icon to display on the desktop screen.

  1. Enable check box option.
  2. Click OK button that Icon will appear in the desktop area.

   Colour box is use for changing the colour of text.

Taskbar Settings

In Taskbar option in the appearance setting.

  1. User can change the size of Taskbar.
  2. Position of Taskbar ( Top or Bottom).
  3. Adjust the colour of Taskbar and text.
  4. After adjustment click OK button.

System Settings

In System option in the appearance setting.

  1. User set the Font style and size.
  2. User can also adjust the colour of text in the Highlight Colour and Highlight text Colour Box.
  3. When user adjust the font and colour then click on the OK button.

Different Style and size user can select from Font Option.

  1. Click Font

User select a style or set a size.

  1. Click OK Button.

In the Preview box, when user adjusting the style and size of text can see implementation in the Preview box.

User adjust the Mouse Cursor size.

  1. Click Mouse Cursor option.

Select size Small, Medium or Large.

  1. Click  OK.

Defaults Settings

In Defaults option in the appearance setting. User can set to defaults values for small, medium or large resolution display.

  1. User select the screen size from Defaults.
  2. Click OK button.