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OpenShot – How to merge two videos?

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Start OpenShot

In this section we’ll merge two video files using OpenShot Video Editor.

See also article OpenShot to install it.

  1. Click here to open Application Menu
  2. Click Sound & Video
  3. Click OpenShot Video Editor

Add video files to project

We’ll add two video files into our project.

  1. Click İmport Files (+ icon)
  2. Choose first video
  3. Click Open.

Please add your second video with same method.

Merge videos

Now, we’ll merge our videos and create one video.

  1. Drag&Drop the first video into time line area.
  1. Drag&Drop second video at the end of first video.

Export Video

Two videos have been added at the same time line. You need to export one video.

  1. Click File
  2. Click Export Video
  1. Give a name your new video.
  2. Choose your directory to save it.
  3. You can select your format, profile and quality.
  4. Click Export Video

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