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ABIOLA RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects

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NextCloud – ABIOLA Cloud

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ABIOLA operates its own cloud on a Raspberry Pi. An SSD hard drive with 1 TB (= 1000 GB) was connected to the Raspberry via USB. This means that all partners / friends / team members can easily save their data and exchange it with one another.
A separate Nextcloud user account with the name “rasp-test” was created especially for this RASP article. You can now test this access yourself. That is how it goes:

Registration at ABIOLA-Cloud

  1. Start the Abiola cloud in your browser

2. above “rasp-test”
3. below “rasp-test”
4. Log In

Cloud – desktop

In this example we show how you can manage your own photos in your own folders.

  1. Click on “Files”

The surface of the desktop can be designed as you like.

  1. Now click on “photos”
  1. The user “rasp-test” has a volume of 1 GB
  2. Click here to share the photo
  3. Click here to edit the photo
  4. Click here to see the photos larger
  1. now the photos are bigger. A double click shows you the photo in a very large format.
  2. If you click on a photo with the right mouse button, you will be shown several editing options.

Mobile phone: Download the “nextcloud” app onto your mobile phone. Then you can just log in and test everything. So you can also transfer data between different devices (e.g. from cell phone to Raspberry and return)