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Re-set or disable sleep time

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Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is a power-sparing state that a Raspberry Pi can enter sleep mode when not in use. Sleep mode sometimes called by various names, including Standby or Suspend Mode. Sleep mode save on electrically consumption compared to leaving a Raspberry Pi fully on.

Disable Sleep Mode from GUI

You can change your sleep time via GUI.

  1. Click on Menu Button
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on Raspberry Pi Configuration

  1. Choose Display tab
  2. Set Screen Blanking disable
  3. Reboot your Raspberry Pi

Disable Sleep Mode from terminal

Please follow below instructions to disable Sleep Mode from terminal:

  1. Click terminal icon and open terminal
  2. Run below code

sudo nano /etc/lightdm.conf

  1. Please type below command on the end of the new screen

xserver-command=X -s 0 -dpms

2. Firstly, press ctrl + x, secondly press y, finally press Enter

3. Restart Raspberry Pi