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Searching for pattern in file or dir

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Searching a specific pattern in a file

grep is the one of the usefull command to search a specific pattern in a file. You can check your pattern whether or not in a file. In our example, we’ll search abiola keyword in results.txt.

1) Here is the file.

2) Run below command to search a pattern.

grep “abiola” results.txt

3) It found our keyword.

grep keyword file

keyword = abiola
file = results.txt

Searching a specific pattern in a dir

You need to use grep command with -r parameter to search a patter in a directory.

1) This is our directory and it contains many files.

2) Run below command to search a pattern

grep -r “abiola” Abiola/

3) It found our pattern in results.txt

grep -r keyword dir

keyword = abiola
dir = Abiola/

This article is a component of the “Linux Introduction” course from the ABIOLA online Academy.

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